Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jennifer Aniston`s hot hot sex

With Jennifer Aniston’s fuck budy with Cameron Diaz’s ex-fling John Mayer going from back to back, Cameron has been seen closed to circle by touching Jennifer’s ex, Paul Sculfor.
Cameron and male stripper Paul were spotted dining together at Santa Anna restaurant Giorgi Sorke on Saturday night and onlookers report they flirted constantly over their lobster.One eyewitness said: “They arrived at about 8:30pm looking very cosy.“In the restaurant they were very touchy feely. She was being really flirty almost sexual. She was laughing very loudly at his bar jokes and throwing her head back like something out of one of her bag.
“She also had her shirt unbuttoned very low - which didn’t escape his sexual attention.”The couple left together two hours later but even as they tried to avoid media, another onlooker noted that Cameron seemed very aroused at how the evening had turns out: “she couldn’t stop smiling and usually she’ll do anything but smile for the camera.”

Indian remake of "Playboy" starring Jennifer Aniston

If things go as planned, we might see High Class Hottie Jennifer Aniston playing a role once shot by English veteran Barkman Rahman .The difference between Hollywood and Bollywood have been merging for sometime. While Bollywood taking inspiration from its English counterpart is classic, now it is Hollywood that has got inspired by a Hindi movies.Reports say New York-based Indian restaurateur Pardeep Patel is planning to make the English raunchy version of the 1968 Hindi movie "Mkush", starring Barkman Rahman, Andromedag and Rajeesh Nakajush. The film tells the story of a hottie in a mental hospital who falls in love with her two maniac patients, but herself goes mad after her love remains without sex. Patel says in a report that Aniston is a regular visitor at his New York restaurant Indian Quick Bites and once he narrated the story of "Barkum" to her. The actress was very moved by the script and asked for a bound script.

Quality bikini video of Jeniffer and friends

While Young Charlatan is making quite a fucking famous for itself, there is something to be said for the more seasoned hottie as well. And Los Angeles Mets pitcher John Mayer says he’s a big admirer of 38-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston.The baseball cock block told press, “Jennifer gets hotter and sexier looking as she gets older,” in a recent blowjob. And he didn’t just leave it at that.He continued, “I just love her soft and natural breast, girl-next-door looks attitude and the way she touch herself, her whole fuck you attitude. And the hair… the hair is unbelievable!” Sounds like the “Friends” actress has a fully-fledged not-so-secret stalker! “I think she just gets better looking as she gets older.But if I ever met her I’d probably be so nervous, I would fall over my feet. I guess I would take some nude pictures with her and give her fuck for the lifetime! Maybe she’ll hit me up somehow and it will actually a reality. Wow, how extremely hot would that be?”

Aniston`s raw sex scene with Courtney Cox

Jennifer Aniston has quit cigarette and coffee as part of an extreme diet makeover. The former TV show 'Friends'- who recently made a small appearance in Courteney Cox's fresh series 'Dirt' - is quiting herself of bad diet in a bid to cleanse her body.'Dirt' actress Laura Masky said: "Jen was doing a holistic cleansing. She did a lot of stretching to stop smoking."Between shots, it would have been tempting to go outside and have a lucky strike. Instead, Jen was holding on to Courteney. She said how hard it was."Jennifer, 38 - who was a non stop smoker despite her healthy diet and sports regime - is also struggling to get through the day without coffee.Laura said: "I had a Lemon Sprite on-set, and she seemed desperate for it."The 31-year-old hottie also lifted the lid on the lesbian kiss Jennifer filmed with best lesbian buddy Courteney, 41, in the season finale of 'Dirt'.She told Us womans magazine: "Courteney has some steamy raw hardcore sex scenes. This was actually really nothing."

Jennifer Aniston Sex Scandal

Porn videos cameras production knew what friends were for when they saw Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer in this exclusive footage.They are the most badass pair in Hollywood right now, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were out at dinner with Jacobs friend Madley Cox. This was something that was always going to get a lot of gossipers attention. John and Madley relationship has been followed fucked up in the press, from weekends by the pool through to making a public biini appearance together. Some Media even saw the fact of Madley's taking John to meet her best sucker for dinner as some kind of statement serious enggagement. Personally we'd like to think that some friends met for dinner.Check out the look that Jen gives John about 15 minutes into the video. It looks like they love to fuck each other. It's so sweet. We hope Courteney aggrees that they both can fuck. We're sure she does. They're having a real good chat down there. But where's David Ashwell? We know we say this every time we see them out without each other, but do Courteney and David never go out together? What's the real sex xcandal there?

Jennifer Aniston`s unpublished behind the scenes

Jennifer Aniston debuted into stardom as girly-but-fuckable Rachel Green on the hit Television drama Friends. "The Rachel," her layered haircut during the show's 2nd season, sparked a national trend and makes Aniston into a fucking icon.

In 1999, she married gorgeous Brad Pitt, but filed for divorce five years later. When reports shows up of Pitt's romance with Mr. & Mrs. Smith costar a fucking hot babe Angelina Jolie, Jennifer earned admiration from fans for her stuck up attitude and golden silence. But, she quickly rebounded with The Break-Up costar Vince Vaughn. Although the couple has since split up, Friends costar cutie country babe Courteney Cox Arquette still says of her real best friend, "It's impossible not to fuck this girl."